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Use of Mobile Phones at the Contact Centre

We are sorry but the use of mobile phones to make calls, send messages or texts is NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES in the Contact Centre during operating hours.  Phone calls in or out are not permitted.  If a non-resident parent wishes to take a picture using their mobile phone the Contact Centre staff must first get the permission from the resident parent and then the picture can only be taken before the session starts or after it has finished.  The showing of pictures on a mobile phone is also prohibited. This also goes for cameras, digital or otherwise.

Laptop computers are also prohibited unless it is the child/resident parent's personal laptop and they must bring it to the contact centre and notify the staff.

This is for the safety of both the children and the parents!

Contact Centre staff may use the Contact Centre's mobile phone but for business calls only.

 We Thank You for your co-operation.


The Nuneaton Children's Contact Centre Team

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